Over the years I have collected several MIDI files. For those that don't know, MIDI files are the same type of files that come with your Windows 9x system from Bach and the like. I have collected the ones below mainly for nostalgia. Who could pass up having the theme to Star Blazers on their site. I know many of you are asking what the heck was Star Blazers and why should I care. I guess that you had to be there. Anyway, here is the collection broken down by type. If you want a good player, I recommend Crescendo by LiveUpdate. They make a great plug-in for Netscape and Internet Explorer and best of all it's free.


Popular Tunes TV and Movie Tunes Patriotic Tunes Other Tunes


Popular Tunes. (At least at one time)

I Think We're Alone Now
American Pie
Another Brick in the Wall
Can't Help Falling In Love
Today (Coming to America)
Phantom of the Opera
Gangsta's Paradise
Happy Nation
Killing Me Softly
The Macarena
It Must Have Been Love
Orinoco Flow
The Sign
What's Up
We Built This City
Bus Stop
California Dreamer
A Land Down Under
Money for Nothing
Mrs. Robinson
Tears in Heaven
Stairway to Heaven

TV and Movie Tunes.

Babylon 5
James Bond Theme
Battlestar Galactica
Golden Eye
Mission Impossible
Mortal Kombat
Pulp Fiction
Space, Above and Beyond
The Transformers
The X Files
Star Blazers

Patriotic Tunes.

Air Force Song
America the Beautiful
God Bless the USA
Army Song
My Country Tis of Thee
US National Anthem
Marine Corps Hymm

Other Tunes.

USSR National Anthem